Don’t Be Racist I Am A Building


After 3 days searching for a Say No To Racism Band to play some anti rat music, I could find only – Don’t be racist I Am A Building song. We talk just a little bit about haters of black and White Dominance what’s quietly goes around. While other have tried different campaigns and all kind of anti racism propaganda we seriously think that Racism is mental illness and therefor we decided to start own digital badge collection. The line of clothing comes in very near future. Say no to racism t shirt, Don’t Be Racist caps or Racism is Mental Illness .420 cup collection are just few of designs what we will include in our first collection. But lets get back to those supreme beings. Chicken-brain Gods. The Higher Race- A Rat Race.

IDIOTS. A simple word what describes racists

Racist mind is so so clever that simply can not understand that we (humans) don’t choose a place where we were born, parents, nationality or state. Neither skin colour. Imagine how clever they are; so clever that they could borrow a brain to elephants. We can be planed by parents and yes,our fathers can “install” our mothers anywhere in world but in reality we don’t chose nothing. Racist intelligence do not understands such a simple thing. Racist mind is very often atheistic nature. After 5-6 good question they suddenly agree that there is God, somehow. They don’t understand nothing so after 6 complexes-full questions, brain somehow start working again so they agree finally. ( … ) And its just because they don’t want to show stupidity. But once you get them, you will see how miserable and poor they are.

Don’t be a Racist

On Medical News Today website you can read How exposure to racism impacts the brain. Simply there is missing something in their Supreme higher Imperial Race brains. But here is your best so called weapon laying. Racist mind can hardly process mission of them selves and mission of mother earth. May Almighty help all brothers racists in world and may God protect their holy blue races blood for a life. May God save them from any obstacle. May God Yah ALM protect them of blood leaking on the blue bloody streets. But what if they need blood and there is only Nigga to give them. Will a racist took a black-mans blood to survive? Be sure he will. There is no more racism bullshit when you fighting for life. May the racist brothers stay blessed and angry. To not be rude with those mental ill people and in following words we will not focus much on misery.

Let anyone judge you for anything

People can judge you as much as they like, but if you know deep inside your heart is pure then that should be none of your concern. Its impossible to please everyone, or to get everyone to like you. No matter how kind, empathic or full of love you are, people can only meet you as deep as they have met themselves, so if they haven’t experienced that kind of goodness inside themselves, they will never be able to see nor believe that it exists inside of anyone else either. – Remember: When they judge, its picture about them, not about you.

You don’t need their “love”

It’s sad that some people are so used to people having bad intentions that they won’t even believe it’s possible that someone is just a kind and good person. We always want everyone to like us but most of the times, there’s nothing We can do about it if they don’t, because at that point it’s more about them then what it is about me. We all come from different backgrounds, we have different views, opinions and preferences, so its impossible to agree on absolutely everything, and by simply accepting this fact we can let go of so much stress.

The Harder They Come, Harder they…

We can be exactly who we want to be because people are going to have opinions and judgements no matter what we do anyway. It’s really sad if people don’t want to see us for who we are and make false judgements, but there’s no point in trying to prove yourself to people who are inclined to misunderstand you. Just be you, do whatever you want as long as you’re a good person at the same time – and dont care what anyone else thinks of it. If they don’t want to see or believe you, or if they just don’t like you – then whatever, it’s their loss!

Only Jah

Only Jah can turn a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victory, a problem into a prayer. Keep the faith, Praise God and always chant his name. Remember Like a loving father, He will never give you anything that may harm you, no matter how much you ask Him. Know that He has better plans which you are unable to figure out.

Trust Him

Everyone is struggling with something or the other, but HE knows everything, every second of every minute of every day of your life before you even are formed in your mothers womb he knows you. He has a plan for you, for each one of us. Trust him, let go off your worries!

Never Quit

Live your life to its fullest no matter where you are right now. Grasp each day and make the most of it. Life is precious. It’s most valuable thing we possess, it has to be cared for. Fully use your God given talents. Just never quit.


Believe there are reasons for things that happen in our lives, handle them with a positive attitude and have faith in the future that things will turn out as they should. Yes, we should be grateful for all our troubles, even negative people and the bad things in life. As much as they may be painful, they will open our eyes to see the good things we weren’t paying attention to before

Iron, Lion & Zion

If you looking for Say no to racism badge – You’re at right place. You can download for free our digital badges and images. For physical badges check here.

Thank You for reading about Don’t be Racist I Am A Building @ STAY BLESSD!

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