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Ital Food

Top quality Jamaican, Caribbean and Ital Food recipes direct from Jamaica

Straight from St Thomas Parish, Jamaica, every episode those two Kings dish out a delectable Rastafarian feast from around the world, with a focus on original Ital Food. You’ll learn to cook the best Rastafari food for your friends, family and hungry crew.

Rasta Mokko & Mathew

Ras Kitchen is the world’s first (and best) Roots Rasta style cooking show since 2010! Starring Rasta Mokko, created by Matthew. Ital, Jamaican & Caribbean food, culture, travel, and good VIBES! Watch all 6 Seasons here at reggae-music.org!

Ital Food

Before you check all Ital Food kitchen videos, remember, You can always book an accommodation and have special holidays with Ras Mokko and his Family. If you are interested to travel in Jamaica and stay with Mokko & Family, just press red button Jamaica Travel or simply click here!

Rastafari Kitchen - Ras Kitchen Ital Food

Stay on the yard with Mokko & Family. This trip is not for everyone, but if you are looking for an AUTHENTIC Jamaican country experience visit the yard in St Thomas, Jamaica (3 night minimum booking). Quick links to Airbnb below!




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